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Astronomische Rundschau (Astronomy Review)

Because of the loss of the financial aid from the state, and in order to cover financial loses, in 1899 Gopčević started to publish his astronomy journal “Astronomische Rundschau” which was published until 1909. The journal was published in 103 numbers.


Spiridon Gopgević was a fruitful writer who published on many topics from political, historical and generally social subjects to astronomical, and finally, musical and literary subjects. His most important writings about astronomical subjects are four books:

  • Spaziergänge druh das Himmelszelt, Leipzig 1898, 399 pages
  • Handbuch für Amateur-Astronomen, Leipzig 1898, 186 pages
  • Neue Spaziergänge druh das Himmelszelt, Berlin 1903, 352 pages
  • Beobachtungs objekte für Amateur-Astronomen, Leipzig
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